You "PopUp" the questions we answer

1.WHAT IS A POP UP WEDDING? Pop Up Wedding is a practical, elegant, and “out of the box” celebration, organized and supported by some of the best wedding professionals around the world. 

2.CAN WE REALLY MARRY IN ANY PLACE? Yes. PUW can be celebrated anywhere. That means that any restriction that applies in the formal / legal wedding does not apply in a PopUp Wedding. In a boat, or in the top of the roof, or in the middle of the street, or in front of the train station… or in the “middle of the sky”everything is possible! A PopUp Wedding i however, in some locations, depend on  legal authorizations demanded by the competent authorities

3.DOES PUW REPRESENTS THE LEGAL WEDDING? The PUW is a symbolic and real wedding but it does not produce any legal results. If the couple requires, The PUW can give  support for a legal wedding, and it can be done a religious or a legal ceremony, having the PopUp Wedding to follow the directives for those kind of ceremonies.


We organize weddings with a maximum of 15 guests, so that the practical, dinamic and irreverent  component of PUW become possible.